Instructions for receiving reimbursement:


Step 1: Download the reimbursement form, and fill out the highlighted portions of the attached form. We recommend opening the PDF in Adobe, clicking sign > fill & sign, and typing in your responses. When signing at the bottom, make sure to use an e-signature or a font that looks like handwriting; your form will not be accepted with your signature in a standard font.


Step 2: Take a clear photo of your itemized receipt.


Step 3: Email Doreen,, with the subject line "Meal reimbursement" and attach your reimbursement form AND the photo of your receipt. If there is alcohol listed on your receipt, we will not be able to reimburse you for any of your meal.


Step 4: Wait a few weeks and check your mailbox! A check will be sent to the address listed on the form. It may take up to a month to arrive.


Step 5: Want to share photos and stories from your event? Send them to Maggie Burke, We love to hear how things went and see your smiling faces!

Click here to download the reimbursement form

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