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Board of Trustees

We support Hillel because it enables today's Cornellians to have meaningful Jewish experiences. 

- David M. Cohen Chair Emeritus 

Cornell Hillel is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of alumni, parents, faculty, and students. Trustees are elected to three-year terms, make a significant financial contribution, and dedicate time to the organization by serving on committees and attending quarterly meetings in New York City and Ithaca. Each spring, new and returning Trustees are nominated and approved by the Board.



Board of Trustees

Leonard Feldman '89, P'19, '22, Chair 

​Tal Akabas '11, MEN'12

Eric Alderman '81, P'16, Past Chair

Bonnie Altman '96, P'26

Will Barkoff '24, Student President

Leona Barsky '80, MS '81, P'16, '19
Michael Benn '02

Amy Berger Chafetz '90 

Joshua Berman '91, P'26

Prof. Larry Blume

David M. Cohen '73, P'02, '08, Chair Emeritus

Rob Dicks ’99

Tamar Dolgen '93

Rodney Gleiberman '92, P'22, Treasurer

Jacqueline Kauff ’93, P’24

Suzanne Weidberg Klein '96

Jin Kupperman '93, P'21

Scott Kurtz MBA '98

Elena Lefkowitz '88, Past Chair

Brian Levey ’80, P’13

Lauren Levine ’96

Jeanie Milbauer P’21, ’24

Lynn Weidberg Morgan '89, P'23

Tracy Porosoff ’93

​Susan Portman Price '90, MRP '91, P'21

Dina Stein Propp ’89, Secretary

S. Lawrence Rusoff '89, P’21, ‘26

Alex Sagan P'25

Lee Schaffler '01

Marc Schlussel '77, MBA '78, P'13, '16, Past Chair

Simone Shteingart '24, Student Vice President

Cheryl Spielman '77

Remy Roizen Weinstein ’08

Honorary Trustees

Shelley Akabas '51, P'77, '82
Seth Siegel '74, JD '78, P'05, '13

Bernard Yudowitz (z”l) '55, P'89

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