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Studying Abroad? 

Wherever you travel, whether it’s London or Lisbon, Paris or Prague, Shanghai or Sydney, KAHAL will connect you to local Jewish students, families, organizations, and community leaders. In addition, they have great DIY resources for students who may not have a Jewish community in their host city. 

Jewish Studies Minor

With a Jewish studies minor, you’ll study the world of Jewish culture from the perspective of multiple disciplines. Jewish studies courses cover topics including Semitic languages and Hebrew bible; medieval and modern Hebrew literature; European and Middle Eastern Jewish history; dynamics of migration, diaspora and community; the figure of the Jew in modern politics and literature; and Holocaust studies.


The Ithaca Area United Jewish Community (IAUJC) is an advocate for local Jewish organizations, as well as for the needs of Jews in Israel and other countries around the world. Since its founding in 1948, the IAUJC has raised funds, supported Israel, and made grants to local Jewish organizations. In addition, it has sponsored educational and cultural activities. Please join us as we continue to strengthen the Ithaca Jewish community and further the traditional values of repairing the world.

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