Keeping Kosher at Cornell

Kosher food at your fingertips!


104 West!

104West! is Cornell's kosher and multicultural dining room. Menus are prepared under the supervision of STAR-K (meat and pareve) and STAR-D (dairy) Kosher Certifications, and Jewish dietary laws are strictly followed with the direction of a resident "Mashgiach," or kosher-food supervisor.

You don't have to keep kosher to enjoy the menu–we have traditional kosher entrees and ethnic and international options to enjoy. Dining options also include vegetarian and vegan.


Other Kosher Facilities

104 West! sends packaged food to the following locations:

The Cornell Dairy Bar, Cornell's famous ice cream shop, is certified Kosher!

Kosher food can also be purchased at Wegmans and BJ's supermarkets.