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Hillel Across Cornell Resources



This year is all about connections. Whether you're gathering with your roommates for Shabbat dinner, creating a meaningful holiday experience for your friends or bringing new people together in an outdoor setting, we look forward to supporting you! 

The purpose of Hillel Across Cornell is to empower students to create their own Hillel experiences. Students who are interested in applying for funds for Shabbat and holiday meals may do so through this platform. For Shabbat and holiday meals, you can receive $10 in reimbursement for each guest who RSVPs (up to 15 guests). Submit your receipts via the link in the event confirmation emails.  Cornell Hillel will not reimburse for alcohol.  All experiences must comply with Cornell  University COVID-19 guidelines. 

Students who are looking for funds for their student groups under the Hillel umbrella, or for non-Shabbat and holiday content, please contact Nicole Silberberg, for funding opportunities. Cornell Hillel does not support experiences for outside organizations. 

The reimbursement form should only be completed after the event has been held, and it is due no later than one week after your event. Your reimbursement will be processed the following week.

Cornell Hillel has final approval for all submissions.  Guidelines may change at Cornell Hillel’s discretion.  Please email Assistant Executive Director, Emily Block, with any questions or concerns.

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